Introducing SOLVD Health, A Patient Intelligence Company

Introducing SOLVD Health, A Patient Intelligence Company

Currently, most of us only interact with the healthcare system after we get sick. Because we often don’t seek care until after we’ve started experiencing symptoms, many health conditions are diagnosed too late and require treatment to manage them. The effects of disease, treatment, and the side effects of treatment not only cause suffering for patients and their families, but also social, emotional, and financial hardship. Yet many of these diseases are completely preventable.

Our Mission

At SOLVD Health (formerly Prescient Medicine), our mission is to solve some of healthcare’s biggest challenges by bringing contextual and actionable health information to everyone, before they get sick. Our work is driven by our belief in creating a world where people don’t have to become patients.

This is a big, bold vision, and we’re ready and eager to rise to the challenge. That’s because we believe the key to our future health lies within us. Modern technology and big data have made it possible to identify early warning signs from our bodies, known as biological signals, that can predict our risk for disease and our future health before we ever get sick. We call this information Patient Intelligence.

Patient Intelligence

In order to prevent disease and realize our health potential, we must first understand the signals of disease. Through the discovery and conversion of biological signals into predictive, actionable, and contextual Patient Intelligence, we are enabling individuals and their healthcare providers to make better decisions about their health and the health of their families.

By combining genetics-based patient insights with cutting-edge technologies like machine learning and custom algorithms, Patient Intelligence has the potential to transform healthcare by:

• Empowering patients and their healthcare providers with objective, actionable information to keep them healthy
• Giving patients insights about their future health risks and helping engage them as a partner in their health management
• Enabling healthcare professionals to make data-driven decisions with more confidence and efficiency
• Enabling healthcare systems to stratify the health risks within their populations at scale, so that they can identify high-risk individuals and deliver the right prevention strategies at the right time

Patient Intelligence changes the relationship we have with our health system from only engaging when we are sick to having an ongoing relationship that is focused on keeping us healthy. Patient Intelligence puts our illness-focused care system on the path to becoming a modernized, true health system. We believe that Patient Intelligence leads us to a future where health is possible for everyone.

Our Core Values

At SOLVD Health, our core values form the heart of our company, guiding everything from our product design philosophy to our regulatory strategy to our customer communications and our hiring practices. These values are what we prioritize day in and day out as we work toward creating a world where people never have to become patients.


We are intentional and purposeful about everything we do.

• We find biological signals that would convert to viable products and bring them to market responsibly.
• We take a data-driven approach and work hard to generate the evidence we need to make sure people are confident when they do business with us.
• Our product design philosophy requires that our products:
– Meet regulatory requirements
– Are useful
– Are safe and effective
– Have economics that work
– Have evidence to back them up
– Are accessible
• We create and sustain a workplace where everyone is aligned with our company mission, goals, and values.


We put people at the heart of everything we do.

• People and their health are our number one priority.
• We don’t just sell tests—we want to improve people’s lives.
• We go above and beyond to understand patients’ and providers’ needs.
• We strive to create products and solutions that patients and their providers can trust to confidently access their health information.
• For healthcare teams, we care deeply about making it easier for them to care for patients. We go beyond just building products—we build tools, education programs, and a community that supports them so they can do what they do best.
• We are authentic, empathetic, and respectful in the way we communicate and treat each other.
• Our employees are valued and feel like active contributors.


We see opportunity in the biggest healthcare challenges.

• We have the courage to solve the biggest unmet needs in healthcare, problems that others have not been brave enough to tackle. We do so by:
– Identifying novel biological signals that can be translated into health products that solve large unmet health problems
– Creating a unique business model that ensures that impactful products can get to the people who need them quickly
– Building a platform that enables continuous discovery of novel biological signals
– Partnering strategically to go beyond providing information, to also provide interventions
• We believe innovation is about taking risks and encourage our employees to think differently and think bigger so we can solve big challenges together.


We empower people to take action through knowledge.

• We believe that knowledge is power.
• Our products are designed to put people and their care teams in control of their future health by giving them the actionable and contextual information they need to make lifestyle and healthcare decisions to prevent disease.
• We empower healthcare providers to make data-driven decisions about treatment plans and interventions so that they can treat their patients with confidence.
• We hire great people and trust them to do their jobs.
• We give our employees the tools, training, and support they need to be successful.


We are determined to bring clarity where there is ambiguity.

• We focus on building products for people and their care teams that:
– Provide clarity about their health risks
– Have clear actions/interventions that they can take to mitigate risk
• Our approach is to be clear and transparent in our communications with our customers, partners, and across the company (vertically and horizontally), always.
• We are clear about our mission and what we need to focus on to get there.

Join Us

We are convinced that predictive, contextual, and actionable health insights can be used to prevent disease and transform healthcare for everyone. Our goal is to accelerate the development of these much-needed health insights, bring them through the regulatory process, and make them available to healthcare providers and their patients. Join us on our journey by signing up for our email list below and follow us on LinkedIn.